Getting Prepared For Your Houston, Texas Vacation 

Grab your cowboy boots and Stetson hat, because you are heading to Houston, TX. Houston is highly known its urban sprawl and it is the perfect vacation destination for food enthusiasts. Many tourists head to the downtown district, because it houses some very popular touristy entertainment establishments. However, the downtown district is widely known as the business district, boasting corporate headquarters of multiple Fortune 500 companies.


Neartown District 


Surely there is a shopping enthusiast in your group, one that loves fashion and antiques. The Neartown is the happening place for shoppers, which a variety of secondhand shops nestled between Shepherd and Montrose Boulevard. If you are a member of the LGBT organization, you will appreciate the small area located around Pacific Street. Here the gay nightlife is happening almost 24-hours a day, plus there are neighborly pubs located on the surrounding streets for the others in your group.


South Loop


The South Loop is often referred to as the Museum District or Med Center. Here, you will find hundreds of university students roaming the streets, traveling to and from the Rice University. Many tourists will head strait to the South Loop District, because it is home to some of the top restaurants, shopping malls and bars in Houston. The Texas Medical Center is also located in the district, providing the residents with top medical care in the nations.


West Loop 


Another popular area is the West Loop District, which is home to some of the most prestigious art galleries in the state. If you do decide to spend a day in the West Loop District, you will need to prepare yourself and your family for peak hour traffic jams. Try to avoid rush hour, by visiting the area in the late evening hours. If you get an opportunity, be sure to take a walk around the River Oaks area. Here, you will find extraordinary mansions and one of America’s first suburban shopping districts, River Oaks Shopping Center.


Get Packing


Houston, Texas has a lot to offer everyone and thanks to its history in the oil industry, tourists will be provided with an experience of a lifetime. If you are new to the city, you should definitely consider contacting the Visitors Bureau. The patron will provide you with pamphlets, safety tips and maps of the Houston area, so you can find your way around with ease.

While you should pack your boots, you should also pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes and attire. You will probably be participating in several walking tours, avoiding blisters will be your main goal.