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Hello and welcome to A1 Houston Home Inspectors. Through time, many lucky folks have been fortunate enough to buy homes within the
city of Pearland. This is undeniably a significant target that lots of folks would love to achieve sooner or later or another.
Nonetheless, it’s not something which should be rushed. We’ve worked with plenty of homebuyers and have been in a position to make
certain they receive the most for their money. And naturally, we’re more than willing to do the same for you and your family.

We strive to deliver home inspection to Pearland residents in the lowest price. With our solutions, you will have the ability to
know precisely what you are getting, prior to signing on the dotted line. More about us and our services will be offered below.

A Comprehensive Inspection

When trying to opt for a house inspection company in Pearland TX, it’s pertinent to ensure the firm will inspect the entirety of
your house. If you choose a company and are supplied a lackluster performance, there’s a possibility that problems will be ignored
and overlooked. This will result in you purchasing a house riddled with problems, without even knowing about it. This is the
reason our company offers an extensive inspection. We strongly believe in working slowly and meticulously. We won’t cease, until
the entire property has been inspected inside and outside.

Our firm will inspect your roof, attic, crawlspace, and every room individually. On the way, we’ll take pictures and notes. Once
we have finished, the customer will be given a thorough record of our findings. This will tell them exactly what’s wrong with the
property. And needless to say, the homebuyer will have the ability to use this information to their own advantage when negotiating
with the seller.

It can be quite helpful for the buyer to tour the property with the home inspector. When searching for home inspectors in Pearland,
it’s a fantastic idea to choose a company that is willing to provide you with a guided tour of the property. Our institution’s
inspector will be more than willing to do exactly that. We will happily walk through the property with the customer, while letting
them know precisely what has to be fixed. This can help to make certain that the customer is well aware of possible problems well
in advance.

The contractor will also provide the customer with care recommendations and rectification tips. This will give you an excellent
starting point and help you get the problem sorted out immediately after moving in.

If you have ever dealt with people services providers, you likely know the risks a customer will take, when hiring an unlicensed
and uninsured contractor. Well, the identical thing goes for a Pearland TX home inspector, prevent hiring without proof that the
business is insured and licensed. At the state of Texas, home inspectors should receive a business license. The permit is to
ensure the government that the provider complies with all the standards and regulations for this service. The permit will also
protect the public from fraudulent activity.

We strive to protect our customers, in the case of an accident. If you’d like a copy of these records, make certain to speak to
our company. One of our customer service agents will gladly email or email you a copy of the documents, which means that you can
form the ideal decision to hire our firm to perform your home inspection.

Professional Check List

If you’re a homebuyer needing a licensed home inspection business in Pearland, you should immediately contact our office. We strive
to provide our customers with exceptional service to put a grin on their face. We propose all homebuyers to devise a checklist,
noting specific areas in the home they want the inspector to focus on the most. But, we utilize a readymade professional record,
which covers every aspect of the review procedure. The checklist comprises the:

When touring a home, you ought to focus on each of the above, if an issue is detected be sure to bring it to the inspector’s
attention. While the review isn’t necessarily a necessity, it will be in your best interest to have it done. If you’d like a copy
of the checklist, then simply request one from the inspector, he/she should have an additional copy in the company vehicle.

Our Benefits

We strongly believe in providing the client with the best service humanely possible. We provide references and free quotes to each
and every customer. Of course, it does not stop there. Below, you will learn more about the advantages of working together with
our home inspection firm.

* We have been in the business for a very long duration. We understand how to identify all types of issues. With our help, the
client will know precisely what they’re getting.
* We provide references. We genuinely believe our previous customers are thoroughly satisfied with our performance. Thus, we’ve
got nothing to hide!
* We will give guided tours. We strongly urge all clients tour the property together with the inspector.
* Our company offers comprehensive reports. Our report will provide you with a breakdown of possible problems and images of
stated issues.
* Our firm is licensed and insured. Rest assured knowing we are trustworthy and dependable.
* We strive to give the lowest price possible. Just give us a call to get a quote!

A home inspection is a must, because it protects the homebuyer from potential issues that could happen within the first year
following purchase. If you have any questions about this procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. We will schedule
you to get an abysmal meeting, therefore our inspector may go over the process and answer all of your questions.


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